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I’m passionate about helping people grow, developing leaders, and empowering churches. My passion fuels me to write books intended to foster personal growth and provide fresh insights into how we can live more productive, joy-filled lives that make an eternal difference.

God blessed me with an awesome wife, Tamara, and we have the joy of sharing life with five grown kids — and now the amazing experience of being grandparents! Yes, being a grandparent is as wonderful as you’ve heard.

In 1997 God enabled me to lead a team to found Christ Fellowship ( in McKinney, Texas, where I serve as senior pastor. Being a pastor is a blast; it’s what God made me to do. I love our church!

Before Christ Fellowship, God had opened doors for me to be the primary founder of Centers for Church Based Training (, an organization committed to helping churches create intentional pathways for developing people.

Along the way The WISDOM Process© was developed — a profoundly powerful means to think through issues and make decisions. This process moves us beyond knowing facts to transforming our lives in God’s power.

I’ve had the privilege of writing six books:

Sexuality: Approaching Controversial Issues with Grace, Truth and Hope (Dadlin Media, May 2016)

Same-Sex Marriage, a bold call to the church in response to the Supreme Court Decision (Dadlin Media, May 2016)

Big God in a Chaotic World: A Study of Daniel, The WISDOM Series (Confia Publishers, May 2015), available in English and Spanish

Your Church in Rhythm (Jossey-Bass, Leadership Network Innovation Series, 2011), also available in Spanish and German

Your Life in Rhythm (Dadlin Media, May 2016)

The Leadership Baton (Zondervan, 2004) co-authored with Jeff Jones and Rowland Forman, which has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and German

All of the above books are available via the Must-Read Books page of this website.

I plan to release several new books in 2016-2017:

Same-Sex Wedding: Should I Attend? (Dadlin Media, 2016)

When God Makes No Sense: A Study in Habakkuk, The WISDOM Series (Dadlin Media, 2016)

Never the Same, A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the Mount, The WISDOM Series (Dadlin Media, 2016)

Personal Life Plan (Dadlin Media, 2016)

Miracles (Dadlin Media, 2016)

I enjoy learning; ideas and innovations are my friends. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982 with a BA in Plan II, the Honors Liberal Arts Program. In 1986 I received a Master’s Degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, where I later taught systematic theology for four years while doing doctoral work in the history of ideas at The University of Texas at Dallas. For those who like ideas, I focused on Postmodernism, specifically Philosophical Hermeneutics, and in particular Hans Georg Gadamer.

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Where will you find me when I am not preaching, teaching, or writing?