Methodists and Gay People in Local Churches

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 Fear abounds: fears that gay people will be excluded, attacked and rejected, fears that moral truth will be abandoned, and fears that churches will split. After the United Methodist Church … Read More

Four Kinds of Dirt

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Original Date: 07.26.2015 Roots Series Four Kinds of Dirt Matthew 13:1-23 Bruce B. Miller   Four Kinds of Dirt             Thank you for your encouraging words. I’ve received more response … Read More

Your Life in Rhythm

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Your Life in Rhythm offers a realistic solution to our crazy, overly-busy, stressed lives. Miller exposes the myth of living a “balanced” life, and offers “rhythmic living” as a new … Read More

Syrian Refugee Crisis

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We have a serious issue before us over which Christians are divided in their response. I received a question from a member of the church asking me how we should … Read More

Your Church in Rhythm

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A gentle new way for church leader’s to survive stress and burnout. Bruce Miller debunks the idea of balance—basically trying to have it all, all the time. Most churches and … Read More