Book Review: QBQ The Question Behind the Question

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QBQ The Question Behind the Question, John Miller

This is a very short powerful book on personal accountability at work and in life. His point is to avoid questions such as “who dropped the ball?” “When is someone going to train me?” “Why don’t they communicate better?” “It’s not my fault.” “It’s not my job” or “It’s not my problem.” Instead, Miller suggests asking better question with three simple guidelines.

(1) Begin with “what” or “how” not “Why” “when” or “who”
(2) Contain an “I” or “”me” not “They, them, we or you”
(3) Focus on action.

He provides several practical vivid examples. This is a great book for helping people move beyond a victim mentality that blames others. It really inspires and helps people to develop personal accountability.