My Personal Life Plan

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Often our lives feel out of control as if we are merely drifting along. We’re busy but worry that we are not doing what matters. Every day fills up with stuff, or life sweeps us along in the fast‐moving current of urgency rather than us driving where we want to go. God wants us to be good and wise stewards of all he has given to us—our very lives. This course guides you to develop a comprehensive personal life plan so you can responsibly and wisely direct your life with what God has given you. As a result, you will have more joy, peace and fulfillment.

The course enables you to answer seven fundamental questions, leading you to create your own personal life plan in seven dimensions:

1. Mission: Where am I going?
2. Stewardship: What am I responsible for?
3. Divine Design: Who am I?
4. Rhythms: What time is it in my life?
5. Assessment: How am I doing?
6. Goals: Where should I aim?
7. Review: How can I stay on track?

Coming Soon in 2017

Available Now: Your Life in Rhythm