Same-Sex Wedding: Should I Attend?

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A Wise Way to Think Through the Question and Come Up With Your Own Considered Response

For those whose convictions are opposed to same-sex weddings, the invitation to attend creates a dilemma. Here’s a tool to help you think through the issue in order to arrive at your own considered response based on biblical truth, and informed by wise counsel. Likely you were not invited unless you are family or a good friend, and often you want to support the person who invited you. So what do you do? As a pastor I get this question on a regular basis. Answers from Christians run the gamut from do not attend at all, to what’s the big deal, to creative options in the middle.

Same-Sex Wedding walks you through The WISDOM Process© enabling you to develop your own point of view as a person, family or a team. The tool gives you multiple biblical passages on marriage, weddings, homosexuality and principles on debatable matters, and provides you with six short articles giving varying points of view. By the end you can find clarity for what action you could take that will honor God.

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