Sexuality: Approaching Controversial Issues with Grace, Truth and Hope

Bruce B. Miller addresses the purposes of sex in marriage, singleness, cohabitation, homosexuality (and more) within a biblical framework filled with grace. He helps us understand and steward our sexuality by providing fresh insights into God's wisdom. Many people just don't know how to talk about these issues with friends and family. This book will
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Same-Sex Wedding: Should I Attend?

A Wise Way to Think Through the Question and Come Up With Your Own Considered Response For those whose convictions are opposed to same-sex weddings, the invitation to attend creates a dilemma. Here’s a tool to help you think through the issue in order to arrive at your own considered response based on biblical truth, and
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When God Makes No Sense: A Fresh Look at Habakkuk

When God Makes No Sense: A Fresh Look at Habakkuk. Discover a perplexed prophet's intense interchange with God himself. In the face of injustice and violence, Habakkuk cries out, "WHY?" What do you do when God makes no sense?

  • from confusion to confidence
  • from frustration-driven questions to faith-filled declarations
  • from interrogation of God to singing praise
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