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Welcome to my new website. I’m so thankful to my friends Jesse and Mary Matlock who built the site, and to Rachel Elliott who has developed the content. They are a blessing to me and to you.

Check out the new books, discover what’s coming next. In the weeks and months to come you will see more books and resources on this site. Some of the books have study guides that make them ideal for small group studies.

If you are a church leader, check out Your Church in Rhythm and The Leadership Baton, both of which are aimed to improve your leadership wisdom.

If you lead a small group, I recommend you take a look at Big God in a Chaotic World, for a study in the book of Daniel, that gives hope and confidence to all of us living in troubled times. You will notice it has a study guide that uses the WISDOM Process© a transformative way to engage a group in forming convictions and seeking spiritual insights.

In my heart I truly believe God has called me to write. Words flow as I pray and type, and it seems as if the Spirit is guiding me. In a sense writing is an act of worship for me, full of joy, and wonder. My prayer is that God will use what I write to help others find and follow Jesus Christ. I feel the responsibility to be a good steward of what God has given me, and that means to continue writing many more books and resources.

This website is another tool to help you to live wisely in Christ. Amazing God has brought together a small team of committed people to help me bring together resources for you, and those to whom you minister. Our hope is to build out more content to meet your needs, and provide way that we can communicate.

Let us know what questions you have, what topics you would like addressed. Our heart is to bless you.

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